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Über das Spiel Die Simpsons Tapped Out Springfield


Die Simpsons Springfield ist ein Aufbauspiel welches im Frühjahr 2012 erschien. Es kennzeichnet Charaktere aus der erfolgreichen TV-Serie Die Simpsons und startet mit Homer Simpson am Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer spielt ein Spiel auf seinem Sitz mit seinen Füßen oben und ranting über das Müssen warten, nachdem er eine Aufgabe in seinem Spiel abgeschlossen hat. Oblivious, völlig bewusst von seiner Umgebung, plötzlich tut er etwas, um eine Kernschmelze verursachen, ändern Springfield, wie wir es für immer wissen. An diesem Punkt sind Sie wieder in Springfield und alles ist weg. Einschließlich; Die Straßen, Häuser, Menschen und alles andere. Es ist nur Homer in einem Bereich von nichts als Müll. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, Homer zu helfen, Springfield wieder aufzubauen, indem er Aufgaben innerhalb des Spiels abschließt. Wie Sie die Aufgaben ausführen, werden Sie langsam entsperren neue Elemente, und Zeichen in Ihr Springfield bringen die Dinge wieder normal. Das Spiel wurde ursprünglich für Android- und IOS-Geräte entwickelt. Allerdings kann auf dem Computer mit BlueStacks Emulator gespielt werden. WARNUNG! Dieses Spiel ist EXTREM Spaß.

Das Abenteuer beginnt mit Homer aus Versehen verursacht eine Kernschmelze, die ausgelöscht Springfield. Es liegt an den Spielern, die Stadt wieder aufzubauen und Homer zu helfen, seine Familie und Freunde zu finden. Die Spieler können Quest und Missionen erledigen, um virtuelles Geld, Erfahrungspunkte und Donuts zu gewinnen, die verwendet werden, um die Stadt mit neuen Strukturen, Gebäuden, Dekorationen und Charakteren zu erwerben, anzupassen und zu erweitern.

Dies ist die neueste Simpsons Springfield Hack, Cheats, Mod, Trainer 100% für Android, iPhone, iPad und iOS, die Sie verwenden können, um unbegrenzte Donuts und Geld haben. Ermöglichen Sie freies Einkaufen und verwenden Sie die Donuts, um die Springfield-Stadt wieder aufzubauen. Für Ihr Simpsons: Tapped Out Spiel ist kein Jailbreak oder Root erforderlich.

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Why you will go mad with Pokémon GO

pokemon go

A lament ran in Spain yesterday: was the delayed arrival of Pokémon GO. The game, under the authorship of companies Nintendo and Niantic, was scheduled to be released in stages around the globe, but the truth is that so far only Australia, New Zealand and the United States can officially enjoy it. The high discharge application has caused servers to fail, forcing the creators to solve the problems before allowing the world enjoy the new installment of the legendary saga.

Many have been and are players who have put in their Pokéballs to capture animals like Bulbasaur, Snorlax or Mewtwo since the first two were launched christened in 1996 Pocket Monsters Aka and Midori . But Pokémon GO is different, so a brief catalog of instructions is necessary for the arrival in our country do less chaotic possible.

What sets it apart from other deliveries?

The most obvious quality of the application is its dynamic nature , forcing the player to “see the world” in order to evolve as a coach. Thus, game consoles and computers do not serve to play Pokemon GO hack tool, mobile devices being chosen as hosts to host it inside. The download is free for both Apple and Android users.

. Once downloaded, the user must choose its name in the app and pokémon with which wants to start a trick : although initially not given the option to choose Pikachu, if we turn away from the screen four times until they disappear options , the fifth yellow highlights the inseparable companion of Ash Ketchum .

How new pokémon are achieved?

Another feature that differentiates this installment of the above is the absence of fighting for pokémon, except the gyms where combat, capture and enhance the animals. Thus, to hack for free pokecoins in pokemon go all you have to do is go out with GPS enabled.So, as you are walking, the phone notifies the proximity to an object, reflected by symbols of footsteps. The fewer steps, the closer will be the target. That is, that to gain more followers to do something very simple: go for a walk.

Once located, to capture the “little monsters” thing to do is point the device towards the place where it is located and launch a Pokéball sliding your finger across the touch screen. It may seem easy, but perhaps not at first the desired results are achieved. Tranquility, everything is achieved with practice.

Do they evolve Pokemon?

First of all a warning: the Pokéballs are limited . As we go capturing or losing pokémon, these objects will decline, so must go to PokeStops to increase reserves.These sites, located in public areas such as churches, police stations and town halls , and reflected on the map when you are near any, are necessary in the game, and that is where the animals are improved and new objects are achieved for get to evolve them and be the best coach on the planet.

Like any good fan of the series, there are seven generations of pokémon today.Unfortunately, so far only part of the game the members of the first generation .Speaking in numbers, 151 small companions.

Do they vary depending on the options instead?

There are 19 different types of pokémon , such as water, fire, rock or plant. Each of them appears in its natural habitat . This means that more animals water type if the user is near a river or lake, will appear on your screen, and instead, if you are inside a forest, will be the most prolific type plant.

Animal species also varies depending on the time of day , predominating some other night and morning and evening.

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The arrival in Spain will bring updates

Perhaps the delay in landing Pokémon GO in our country not entirely bad news, given the latest information that includes Business Insider in the mouth of John Hanke , indicating that there will be new updates in the coming weeks. Among the forecasts are those of allowing pokémons exchange between users, something impossible for now, increase the number of modes of competition and improve the quality of virtual reality  on how to get free pokecoins. For now, we must wait at least a few weeks to check, because no official date of release in Spain.

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Pixel Gun 3D has got a variety of game modes

On Android out pocket-pixel version of the online shooter Pixel Gun 3D, something reminiscent of Minecraft, just more focused on destruction than creation.

pixel gun 3d

For multiplayer Pixel Gun 3D provides plenty of fun weapons, such as a “magic wand”, and quite serious – automatic rifle M16. There is a chat and a few familiar game modes. Classic Deathmatch, “Deadly Games”, “Team Deathmatch”, “Capture the Flag” and “survival of the joint at a time.” So gather together with friends, create your own unique character and soak each other to distraction.

In campaign mode you will find a bunch of zombies that suddenly attacked your farm. Naturally you’ll have to defeat the undead, and at the same time and find out the cause of the zombie apocalypse. “Survival” is to bring the unexpected combination of different types of monsters, a reward for the passage of each wave, as well as a new compensation system.Also, if you are friends with someone during a chat on the battlefield, then all you have to do is select the name of the desired gamer in the table and send a friend request. In addition, you can create your own clan, consisting only of the best players.

In general, you will find a huge number of game modes, more than one hundred kinds of weapons, more than 35 maps and locations, as well as “pleasant” chat with gamers around the world. Also worth noting is quite good HD-graphics and stunning sound effects. For the passing game you will need to “gigs” device with Android 3.0 or higher, and 310 MB of free space on the flash drive. It is not hard to guess for something in the Pixel Gun 3D hack you have to pay.


one piece treasure cruise cheats

The tail is a necessary and valuable material One Piece Treasure Cruise hack, but has no definite method of production. We depend on luck or temporary increases drop object to get a good deal. Recently with the introduction of  Den Den Mushi day in different screen history we can have the chance to get a good daily amount of glue. But again be dependent on luck.

What Is The Fastest Method For Tail?

There is no magic way to get many units, but if there are ways that with a little time and hopefully we can see good results. The best days for farmear tail  are those in which there is a reduction of stamina in the islands.Turn to the islands with 1/2 of stamina and elegid levels where there is more number of enemies. The more enemies more likely to drop a chest containing the much desired queue.

What Is The Glue In One Piece Treasure Cruise?

The main use tail is to be the currency of necessary change to improve our boats  and increase their statistics.Currently the best boat and which recommend investing your tail units is the Going Merry . Improved time becomes the best boat  One Piece Treasure Cruise  and use it in most of upcoming events.
Well, you know getting tail  is not easy, but this valuable resource provides us the opportunity to improve our boats and improve our teams. Good luck in your search!